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Cognitive Healthcare International

Developing an ecosystem of healthcare professionals and services outside a traditional hospital setting to allow patients to get the services they deserve in the friendly setting of their home.

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A second-to-second real-time remote health tracking

HMS 6500 Virtual ICU device sends live data to the server which is then transmitted to the Command Center and CHI Doctor App




  • In-patient ICU care is quite expensive and not readily available
  • Prolonged ICU care is not only a major financial burden but becomes a challenge for the loved ones who have to be present at all times
  • The risk of Hospital acquired infections is very high both for the patient and the family
  • There is a lack of affordable ICU level care for patients in the comfort of their own home
  • Besides ICU level care, even reliable and efficient home based management of chronic diseases such as diabetes is not available for patients with limited mobility


Cognitive Healthcare International provides Virtual ICU medical homecare services to elderly, disabled and other serious patients that require 24/7 monitoring of vitals.

CHI has procured just the right equipment for remote monitoring of patient’s vitals around the clock. All the vitals of the patient are recorded in our medical devices and sent to the doctors and nursing staff available in our control center. Any changes in the vitals are constantly monitored and special alerts are also raised for effective and timely intervention.

In addition to the 24/7 remote monitoring, nurses from CHI will also visit all patients daily as required. The normal duration of the visit would be 60 minutes for once a day. However, if the patient requires more assistance, the nurse can visit as many times a day as required depending upon the needs of the patient.


CHI specializes in Remote Virtual Intensive Care Unit (ICU) management which enables remote care diagnostics and care delivery to patients from off-site locations. The system provides ICU monitors for remote patients which ensure the efficient monitoring and constant supply of real-time data to caregivers to monitor and to intervene in the most cost-effective manner.

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