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Cognitive Healthcare International

Developing an ecosystem of healthcare professionals and services outside a traditional hospital setting to allow patients to get the services they deserve in the friendly setting of their home.

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Cognitive Healthcare International (CHI) is mainly a healthcare provider that has utilized the latest advances in information technology to enable remote patient monitoring, care, and diagnostics. CHI began 4 years ago in 2016 with the idea of using technology to offer unmatched healthcare, breaking barriers of physical availability to provide real-time intervention to chronic and acute care issues from the comfort of one’s home. A comprehensive and holistic approach to chronically ill elderly patient care, all in the confines of one’s home leading to physical well-being, satisfaction, and “Happiness”. We set out to design the most advanced software coupled with the already established state-of-the-art medical devices that can provide predictive and personalized healthcare.

Pioneer in Remote Healthcare


  • In-patient ICU care is quite expensive and not readily available
  • Prolonged ICU care is not only a major financial burden but becomes a challenge for the loved ones who have to be present at all times
  • The risk of Hospital-acquired infections is very high both for the patient and the family
  • There is a lack of affordable ICU level care for patients in the comfort of their own home
  • Besides ICU level care, even reliable and efficient home-based management of chronic diseases such as diabetes is not available for patients with limited mobility.


Cognitive Healthcare International provides medical home care services to the elderly, disabled, and other serious patients that require 24/7 monitoring of vitals. CHI has procured just the right equipment for remote monitoring of patient’s vitals around the clock. All the vitals of the patient are recorded in our medical devices and sent to the doctors and nursing staff available in our control center. Any changes in the vitals are constantly monitored and special alerts are also raised for effective and timely intervention. In addition to the 24/7 remote monitoring, nurses from CHI will also visit all patients daily as required. The normal duration of the visit would be 60 minutes once a day. However, if the patient requires more assistance, the nurse can visit as many times a day depending upon the needs of the patient.



CHI has been working with a renowned home care service provider in Pakistan to implement its remote monitoring system. Since 2018, CHI’s vital recording devices are being used by the patients that require care for chronic and acute diseases. The state-of-the-art devices coupled with our software systems helped saved many lives by timely alerting the doctors and responsible staff to intervene promptly.


24/7 real-time results transmission using devices, CHI Command Center & mobile applications

Constant Updates to the
Guardians Remotely

CHI’s remote monitoring also keeps the family of the patient updated with the status of the patient’s health by providing customized apps to the family members of the patients. The concerned families can monitor the patient’s vitals from anywhere in the world. The Guardian mobile app developed by CHI is available for all mobile platforms and it is synced with our main data cloud for real-time updates of all the captured observations.


  • Remote Patient Monitoring on Guardian App
  • Monitor Patient’s Vitals from Anywhere in the World
  • Real-time Updates of All the Captured Observations

Why CHI’s Homecare?

We differentiate ourselves by finding and employing the very best caregivers who believe in and perform their work according to the high standards of excellence in quality care set forth by CHI Home Care.

  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring of Patient
  • Professional Doctors Monitoring the Patient Vitals
  • With Use of Modern Technology, All of Patient’s Family Around the Globe Will Get Real-time Health Stats of the Patient
  • Licensed and Qualified Nurses
  • Complete Convenience for the Patient and Their Families
  • Patient Data Storage for Analysis and Early Diagnostics
  • Easy to Use Apps and Devices



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